21. 04.17 Yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam and celebrated 420. Today we painted together with EVOLVE.POP in amsterdam. The colorscheme got completely out of hand even though i only had three hours to paint this wall. Pretty happy how it turned out. More:

15.04.17  Painting with COSE (dub) and FUSE (hls) in Mannheim. Enjoying the wind and the location close to the cargo harbour. Glad we made this short trip as i am really happy with the outcome of the different 2nd outline this time. Shouts to COSE who proved himself as a great host. More photos:


11.03.17  Bigger Walls-Bigger Letters

Enjoying the weekend with my crewmates and painting this wall which is covered in dozens of bulletholes. Glad we all survived succesfully. More data here:


12.02.17  Painting Swiss steel with FUSE. The grey parts solved my yellow shortage problem (oc didn't cover well) and teached me some new skills. #solveyourproblems Have a closer look:

06.02.17  Ultra limited Tshirt release. Five shirts were printed and shipped signed and with stickers inclusive.

Montana metallic project w/ HIGHLANDERS CREW 2O17

21.01.2017 Working together with MOLOTOW spraypaint for their new acrylic spraypaint. Here is the result of my new studio wall.





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